The new Piëch Mark Zero – Driving Pleasure and Innovation for the new Electric Era

Piëch Automotive presents a study of a new, puristic electric sports car called the Piëch Mark Zero

New Piëch Mark Zero – Technology made transparent

Swiss brand Piëch Automotive’s concept car is a technology test bed showing a way into the future

Piëch Mark Zero – Views on Design

Timeless, classic design goals for the new Piëch Mark Zero

DESTEN Group – Piëch Automotive’s Innovative Battery Partner

New type of cells allows for faster charging with less heat build-up and longer lifetime

TGOOD Group – Piëch Automotive’s and DESTEN’s partner for charging infrastructure

The company - founded in 2004 by Chinese and German engineers - has been listed on the stock exchange in Shenzhen since 2009

Poltrona Frau – High-quality Leather with Attention to Detail for the new Piëch Mark Zero

Interiors in Motion: Poltrona Frau’s fine leather and high-quality workmanship create an atmosphere of well-being in the new Piëch Mark Zero