the dawn of a new era

PIËCH ignites the asphalt with unprecedented electric might. Instant torque, zero delay. Just speed and adrenaline as roads stretch endlessly before you.

Silent power is shifting the perception of what a sports car can do. How? With a drivetrain and battery technology that define the evolution of sports cars. And start a new era.

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Chapter 1
The Spirit




Welcometo a newdrive

They claim it is impossible. We disagree. Our challenge? Shatter norms. Prove an electric sports car can outmatch its petrol ancestors.

Meet the masterminds behind this vision. Tobias Moers and Toni Piëch reveal why now is the time has come for a new way of driving.

Toni Piëch
Tobias Moers
Chapter 2
The Battery


Track2  Charge

The torque slams you into the seat. The heart races. The speedometer? Climbing. Relentless. Unstoppable. Not even charging can slow you down. The battery with patented PIËCH TRACK2CHARGE technology is recharging at maximum capacity and speed. Superior thermal management is at its core. Innovative "immersion cooling" keeps the battery in the zone. On the track. Off the track. Always.


The battery cooling system affects the cells directly. Dielectric oil cools both cells and current-carrying parts. The thermal management controls the oil flow-rate precisely. In turn boosting battery performance to a whole new level.


Our technology sets standards. It excels in range, fast charging, and performance – ideal for a true sports car. With over 90 kWh capacity, it offers an unusually long range. 500 kilometers (WLTP*) are achieved effortlessly by the PIËCH GT.

*calculated, indicative range


Even while charging this battery delivers. The PIËCH GT charges at CCS fast chargers with a charging current of 500A. Loading speed? Unmatched. No matter the conditions. 20% to 80% SOC. 8:30 minutes anytime. This is performance. Redefined.




We submerge each battery cell and current-carrying component in dielectric oil. This highly efficient thermal conductor draws heat away from critical areas far more effectively than traditional cooling systems. By keeping cells cool, we push performance boundaries without compromising safety or longevity.

The oil flowrate is adjusted and controlled by the thermal management system, ensuring that each of the 16 battery modules receives cooling in parallel, thereby establishing the foundation for enhanced battery performance.



  • Power kW


  • Power PS




  • 20–80% Charging SOC


  • Range*


* calculated, indicative range

Chapter 3



You see it. You feel it. This is more than a car. A symphony of form and function, crafted to ignite the senses. The PIËCH GT 2+2 doesn't just deliver a drive. It seduces. Every line, every curve, sculpted to perfection. And for performance. This car is built from passion. It speaks to the soul. It's what drives us. What drives you. It's what elevates you into the electric era.

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The engine & Dynamics

The engine & Dynamics

Evolution grips the road. The dual motors transmit pure power. The dual speed transmission takes on each shift and turn. The goal: to become one with the track. Come rain or shine.

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