the dawn of a new era

PIËCH ignites the asphalt with unprecedented electric might. Instant torque, zero delay – feel each burst of power and speed. Just pure adrenaline as roads stretch endlessly before you. This is driving evolved.

Swift, silent power shifting every perception of what a sports car can do. How do we achieve this? With a drivetrain and battery technology that define the evolution of sports cars. And take it into a new era.

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Chapter 1
The Spirit




welcome to a new drive

A new pulse beats on Europe's streets. Here, where our streets are old but our spirits are fresh, we drive innovation and collaboration. We reimaged every drive, every turn and every straight. How does a true sports car feel in the new age? What do you feel? As history shrinks in the rear mirror and the road opens towards new horizons. Our cars are crafted for more than acceleration and speed. They are crafted for a new way of life. Each mile charged with visionary technology under your command. We developed our sports car around you. And your emotions. PIËCH ignites the path to these emotions.

every visionstarts withpeople

They claimed it was impossible. We disagree. Our challenge? To shatter norms and prove that an electric sports car can match the thrill of its petrol ancestors. Meet the minds fueling the PIËCH vision —Tobias Moers and Toni Piëch reveal why now is a pivotal moment in evolution. And why the time has come for a new way of thinking – and driving.

Toni Piëch
Tobias Moers


may- spirit

may- spirit

We're not just thinking. We're doing. Together, we break molds, we invent wheels and we define, what a true sports car will be – right here in the heart of Europe.

next- the battery
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next- the battery

Our heart beats strong. The PIËCH battery sits right at the pulse of pure performance. It charges in minutes. It powers up in an instant. And it propels you to new heights.

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